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Trademark Agents

Trademark Agents

Meiermarken GmbH is your trademark agent in Germany and the Benelux. We take care of a professional search and advise prior to any trademark filed by us in Germany*, the Benelux* or in Europe** when it concerns European Trademarks (EUTM). This service is FREE.

(*= identical “+” word, **=identical “only” word)


Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Monitoring

Once your trademark is filed in Germany, the Benelux, national or in the EU, protect your valuable brand from potential infringement with our vital service “Trademark Monitoring”!


Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

We are experts in the registration of trademarks in Germany, the Benelux, national and the EU. Although the system seems to be simple at first sight, expert advice is essential to have a worry free and successful filing and certification in for example Germany.

Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us with your questions or request for a free search. We speak English and are available from 08.30-17.00 CET.

Your brand name is valuable! -We help you to protect it!    

Trademark search and registration

There is no need for you to research German administrative procedures and overcome these hurdles: Meiermarken deal with the authorities and handles all steps in the professional trademark application for you. From the sophisticated research in the beginning – including our coherent and practical advice about filing – up to monitoring of your brand, we take care of it. The complete trademark protection process is accompanied by our general counsel.

A name is more than just the name of a company or product. A name or a brand – but also a logo – can be a term in the market and cause immediate associations with a reliable and professional company. Your company for example. Big brands to prove that a possibly previously unknown name can grow up to be a brand name famous across the borders.

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About us

Meiermarken GmbH is your trademark agent in Germany and the Benelux for efficient trademark searches, registrations and monitoring. We cover Germany, Benelux and the EU.

Meiermarken is an active member of the following professional associations of legal specialists:

  • The International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR)
  • The Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law (BMM)


  • We are glad to inform you that we will participate in the 139th INTA annual meeting held in Barcelona May 2017. Our partner mr. Bart van den Bergh, will represent our office like at previous INTA conferences.When you have any interest in the protection of IP rights in Germany, Europe or in the Benelux in a very cost effective and unique transparant way, we are pleased to meet you and tell you more about our operations.Inform us at your earliest convenience the time and place which would be suitable for your firm’s representatives, so we can schedule a meeting. INTA’s 2017 Annual Conference features five days of international trademark and intellectual property training sessions.
  • Meiermarken GmbH sponsors as “Friend” the “Breda Future +”  international professional tennis tournament. This has been chosen as the best one of to the most prestigious (ITF) Future level events in the world for years. Over these years the tournament has grown enormously. The tournament is held in Breda (The Netherlands) from June June 26 till July, 2017.
  • Offices are closed on (D=Germany only):
    • Due to public holidays our offices are closed on: 27.02.2017 (D), 14.04.2017, 27.04.2017, 01.05.2017 (D), 25.05.2017, 05.06.2017, 15.06.2017 (D), 15.08.2017 (D), 03.10.2017 (D), 01.11.2017 (D), 25 & 26.12.2017



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