Trademark Registration

You have started your business and you have a name which is the name your services or product. You want the exlcusive rights and thus to protect and use this name as a trademark. In order to have nobody else to use this name and own it, one must register it.

Our trademark search and advice is strongly recommended prior to file and apply for a registration of your trademark in Germany (or in the European Union). First of all, your name must comply with the German trademark laws. We will check this for free. Besides this, when you use or file an identical or similar name for identical or similar goods and services to a registered trademark you may be infringing the registered mark. Once our searches, based on the data provided by Thomson Reuters (Compumark) will be performed, you have the information you need to take informed decisions and minimize risk to your brand.

The trademark registration in Germany can take up to 6 months. Meiermarken will handle this complete process, from beginning to end.